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Spray Tanning

 $40 each session
Includes one Norvell Exmitt pre-sunless body buff
Purchase 4 and get the 5th one FREE!
(see specials for coupon) 

Instructions for the Best Tanning Result

 Before your Tanning Session
Please exfoliate and shave skin at least 24 hours prior to session.
DO NOT apply make up, lotions, perfumes or deodorants the day of your session. Using bar soaps or body wash not developed for sunless tanning can strip away sunless tan.
We recommend not wearing white undergarments during your tan or white clothes on the way home from your session.

 After Session
No sweating or showering at least 6 hours after session
(wait up to 24 hours for best results).
Your spray tan will continue to darken during the hours following your appointment.

 Your 1st Shower after Tanning
a simple, quick rinse with warm water is best. 

 Prolonging Your Spray Tan:
The key to prolonging your spray tan is moisturizing daily.
Always use products that are specifically designed for pre and post sunless tanning. Avoid loofahs or harsh scrubs.
Avoid lotions or body washes containing mineral oils or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
These ingredients can significantly reduce the life of your spray tan.

 (Norvell Exmitt pre-sunless body buff will polish, prime and pH balance the skin for maximum sunless results)